Moto X3M

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Introducing the Moto X3M race track

Do you want to participate in exciting motorcycle racing? Play now Moto X3M to enjoy acrobatics in the air and overcome challenging dangerous tracks.


Moto X3M race track is a race for those who love moto and speed enthusiasts. You are too bored with the racing tracks on the car, the Moto X3M will definitely give you the most intense and true feelings. There will be many race tracks with different scenery and different dangers. Quickly put on your helmet and conquer them.

Race tracks

In the game, there will be 22 levels equivalent to 22 different maps and tracks. Starting the game, your track is quite simple, nothing dangerous. Just control the speed and run fast. After that, there will be huge saw blades along the road, bends, etc. Be clever to avoid it. Each level will have a certain amount of time to play. Even if you fall, you will not lose the game, but you will have to return to the track from the beginning. You will control the car until the allotted time expires and if you do not reach the destination, you will lose. Otherwise, you will unlock to the next level, to a new map, to conquer a new track.

Restore the Moto X3M race track

Entering this dangerous Moto X3M race track, you have to rely on your ability to balance the racing car and master the speed as well as know how to use some techniques. Let's see

How to control a motorcycle

Controlling the moto is very simple, you just need to use the keyboard arrow keys. But it will take you some time to balance the car. There will be many times when you are in danger and need to perform aerial swings. The rushing pitfalls will many times make your heart skip a beat. Based on your skills and the time you finish the race, the game will rate you through the stars. The maximum will be 3 stars. Use that as your goal and lead for a record time in the rankings.

Some tips to help you

In the 22 levels of the game Moto X3M will be timed and you need to return as quickly as possible. So time is limited, so every time you accidentally fall, quickly press the Space button to return to the race track and start again. The further you go, the more you have to pay attention to the road. Dangerous traps like to crush you out. Turn around and launch like flying in the sky to be able to avoid those dangers as quickly as possible. If you finish quickly and have technique, you will be rated 3 stars. You can use that number of stars and replace yourself with a better motorcycle. Are you ready to join these real dangerous races?