Connect Dots

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A point-to-point puzzle game

Let's solve puzzles with an interesting game called Connect Dots. For each level, you connect lines to create colored lines according to the available shapes.

The Function

This game gives you a lot of puzzles at each level. Each level will appear as a spatial geometry marked with points. You will have the task of connecting those points together according to the available lines to color and complete according to the available drawings.

Geometries in Connect Dots

Coming to Connect Dots, you will challenge yourself with how to shape from basic to advanced. There will be simple shapes like squares, stars, etc to advanced geometries that you may have never seen before. Each of those shapes will be gray with colored points at the vertices. That means all you need to do is help drag and color according to the available points and lines to create a finished image with colorful colors.

Connect Dots Gameplay

Let's learn the rules of the game and how to connect the points

Connect the dots

You can absolutely play Connect Dots on your phone and computer with your friends because it's completely free. Use your finger and drag from one dot to another to connect. When playing on the computer, use the mouse to move similarly. Each of these colored dots, when dragged, creates streaks of color. When your color line completely covers a large shape, you will pass a new level.


Do you see the gray lines above the frame? You will only be able to drag these colored points straight along the available lines like that. Do not drag and cross, it will not be valid. Especially, you can't drag and insert along already colored lines. This means that in Connect Dots you will join a line from beginning to end that must not overlap to complete. So be creative and think carefully about your moves. Choosing an exact starting point will make your connections a lot easier. If you accidentally draw the wrong line, you can use the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen to delete the stroke you just drew or play from the beginning of the level. When participating in the game, it will calculate the total time you pass the level and rate you through the stars. The faster you complete the task, the more three stars you will receive. Each level is a different picture and a new challenge for you to experience.

Feature of Connect Dots

  • Many unique spatial geometries
  • Many interesting levels
  • Many difficult figure puzzles
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Softly sound