Tiny Fishing

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About Tiny Fishing

Welcome to the world of fish in Tiny Fishing. You will be entertained by a special subject with the shaking of the hook to fish and earn a lot of money.

Background in Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing has a very simple setting. It was on a river with a lot of fish. The surrounding is peaceful with rows of green trees. The sky is also clear and sunny. White clouds float in the sky. This must be a great time to be able to relax and fish. Just experience it now.


You will transform into a gentle old man climbing a boat to the river to fish for money on this beautiful day. You need to help him fish a lot and have a lot of money in hand. The old man had to put on his hat and sweater. The winter must be getting colder, and the river is about to freeze. Take advantage of a beautiful sunny day, rely on your skills to help the old man fish a lot, and have a lot of money in hand.

Fishing journey

Play Tiny Fishing and learn how to fish and how earn lots of money

How to fish

Unlike fishing in real life, you need to use bait and wait for the fish to bite. In Tiny Fishing you just need to use the mouse and move the hook to the fish. So the fish has been hooked and the fishing rod will automatically pull up and you will have money immediately.

How to have more money

You need to know that each type of fish has a different value, the bigger the fish, the deeper it is. You catch the fish above, they are many and crowded, and you will only get 10$ for one. A rare and deep goldfish, if you catch it, you will get $ 100, which is 10 times more. If you want to have a lot of money, you need to catch the fish in the deep. Luckily you will catch treasure chests. Or if you are a hard worker, you will get rewards from the game. There is a way for you to actively increase your money. It's a new fishing rod investment. Spend money to buy and upgrade fishing rods. If the old fishing rod can only catch 3 fish at a time, after upgrading it can fish 5,6 fish with a deeper depth.

Why should you play Tiny Fishing?

Tiny Fishing has gentle gameplay with realistic graphics and soft sounds. It is also a game that is loved by everyone during their leisure time. Did you notice, the elderly in their free time also often go fishing? Sitting quietly enjoying the open space, looking at the clear blue water, and waiting for the fish to bite is to bring back results. Quickly fish in the game to discover new fish species and have fun with friends.