Subway Surfers

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Background in Subway Surfers

Let's play Subway Surfers and enjoy the feeling of danger when running along the tracks of running trains. Use your skills to escape danger and police pursuit.

Subway Surfers is set in an ordinary city. There are people and vehicles traveling on the busy streets. This is a familiar scene in everyone's ordinary life. You will transform into a mischievous boy. You stand between the train tracks and spray paint on them. Unfortunately, being seen by the police, you run. He is fat and brings a dog. Both are fierce and want to catch you. Along the way, you will see a lot of gold coins and dangerous things. So the journey to escape from the police, avoid danger and earn gold begins.

Control the character to complete the mission

Your task is to run fast non-stop to escape the police, skillfully avoid danger, and collect gold.

Control the character to avoid danger

Trains running in a row with protruding obstacles are the things you need to avoid. In addition to the dangerous traps, the pits and barriers that suddenly appear will also block your way. Look closely and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to cleverly avoid gliding. The running speed of the character boy will increase as he goes further, so you need to get used to and master the speed. You have chosen to be on a track full of trains running and drawing so you yourself will have to face being hit by a train at any time. But it is also an advantage for you to cut the tail of the police. What you need to do is run fast and dodge quickly.

Earning Gold Coins

You are a lucky guy. Wherever you go, you will see sparkling gold coins. What are you waiting for without earning them back to become rich? Earning along the way, even jumping on top of the train you should do. It will bring you dangerous but very interesting experiences. Earn lots of money jump from ship to ship and start your journey to change and upgrade your appearance.

Things to pay attention to

This is an extremely interesting unlimited runner game. Realistic funny pictures and sounds. It is suitable for players of all ages for fun. But what you need to consider is that it shouldn't be done in real life. It is very dangerous to run next to trains that are traveling on the tracks. And especially in real life, there are no falling coins for you to find and collect.