Roller Baller

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Overview of Roller Baller

Welcome to the Roller Baller game where you are rolled across the universe. Take control of a small asteroid and start running from the dangers of space.

Space of the game

Have you ever imagined yourself being able to fly freely through the galaxy? Coming to Roller Baller you can experience that. The space around you is only black with the light from the stars. Everything becomes sparkling and mysteriously beautiful in this galaxy. This is a new adventure an experience for you.

The mission in the game

Lost in this galaxy you will have the task of controlling a ball or more precisely a small asteroid. This planet is very similar to the Earth we live on. You will make the planet fly and jump on the lines available in space. It's special, isn't it? As long as you don't make it collide with obstacles or fall into the dark space and reach the finish line safely, you will win.

Win the Roller Baller

To become a winner in multiplayer, learn the dangers you are about to face and how to maneuver skillfully

Danger to face

This asteroid ball will run and jump on the game's rocky platforms through each level. There will be times when this stretch of road is destroyed and there is a gap. You will need to jump over. But sometimes they will automatically cause your jump to be misplaced. What awaits you will be the endless fall into the void. Along the way, you will suddenly encounter dangerous traps and obstacles. Through each level, they will appear more and more. Countless paths and challenges will be waiting to play and experience.

How to control

When playing Roller Baller you need to run forward and reach the finish line to be counted as completing the mission. So you need to know how to use the arrow keys skillfully to help this ball avoid obstacles. Also, the spacebar and the up arrow help
The ball jumps over the rocks. Don't think it's simple. To help players flexibly avoid danger when you press these control keys, our planetary ball catches on very fast, going very far. It is the worry when you have not mastered control. The ball can deviate from its trajectory and fall at any time.

Some Tips for you

Practice a lot to increase your reflexes. In Roller Baller, there will be no items for you to buy at the store or buy along the way. Calculate and execute perfect jumps and dodges. The total time for you to pass the level will be saved in the leaderboard. That means the total time you start playing until you reach the finish line including falls. So if you want to achieve a high rank in the rankings if you fall into the galaxy, quickly press Enter to return to the race from the beginning.

Why Roller Baller attracts players

Roller Baller gives you a comfortable feeling of speed in a special way. You will not race in extreme race tracks like the desert with crazy cars and motorbikes. There are also no bloody frenzied gunfights. Here there is a beautiful space in the vast but equally dangerous universe. In addition, there are ear-catching sound effects. Try the experience and you will be drawn to the paths in space.