Stickman Hook

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Target in Stickman Hook

Do you want to try the feeling of flying? Play Stickman Hook now and go with Stickman through danger with the amazing flying ability and reach the finish line.

The Story

Stickman Hook is a stickman's only flying playground. The space in the game has a lot of platforms such as springs, ramps, and especially, climbing hooks. Our stickman needs to get to his destination and needs those help. This is an adventurous journey, are you ready to join?

The rule

In this game, you need to control the stickman to reach the finish line to complete each level. He can jump on springs, slide, etc as long as he goes far and reaches the finish line. He has a strong physique, so it's okay to hit a wall. But he can be killed by falling from a great height or hitting sharp obstacles on the road, etc. You need to control him to the finish line in black and white checkered stripes and you have won.

Gameplay of Stickman Hook

How to Control

You need to help the stickman character to be able to reach the destination at the end of the level. Pay attention to learning how to control the rope hooks. Our stickman will automatically jump on elastic rubber platforms. Take advantage of that, when the time is right, please left-click to let the nearest hooks pull this stickman. The rope will swing, and the longer and faster the force will be when you release the mouse. Just like that, you will drag your stickman far away to reach the destination.

Things to note

This is not just an ordinary entertaining game, to win you also need to have calculation and agility. To help the stick man to the finish line quickly you will have to find the fastest route. Because where is the stickman when you left-click, the rope will pull out and hold. Therefore, the length of the rope will be equal to the distance from the hook to the stickman. The length will definitely be different after each of your clicks. Each step you take will have a different thrust and can be pushed to the wrong place. Occasionally, a significant gap between the hooks may appear. You can try jumping from platform to platform and try to calculate the proper direction, speed, and bounce. Each level will be a challenging journey with different maps for you and your friends to explore.

Interesting things about the stick man

The stickman is very clever, all the way through he is only in the form of a ball to swing on easier hooks and jump farther. When he crosses the finish line, he will return to his correct form stretching and enjoying the fireworks. As you play, the Stickman character's appearance can also be upgraded. There are three methods to access these new interfaces. There will be many cute looks for you such as an orange stickman and cotyledon on top. Very cute and interesting. To get those rewards, you can do the following three ways, watch ads or complete to certain levels. The most special way is to complete some of the unique challenges that Stickman Hook offers. Are you ready?