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Granny's house

Welcome to a scary house in Granny. The only way for you to get out of this dark old room is to find the clues in the rooms and solve the puzzles.

During a night out, he refused to come home. You were lost, and for a moment your head hurt. Waking up you were in a dark strange place with flickering lights. The whole house smelled musty and musty. Turns out this is Granny's house. A serial killer. Such a desolate house with so many rooms. Take advantage of the nighttime, and find a way to escape right away.

Escape from Granny

You were hit in the head by her and abducted here. You should feel lucky that it's night, she's sleeping. A great opportunity to escape.

Features of Granny

She has a scary face and runs very fast. She is also very hearing and sensitive to sounds, but due to her old age, her eyesight is poor. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that she is stupid. Understand these characteristics and use them to escape from Granny's hands.

The way to run away

Although the surroundings are smelly and scary, you can't let yourself become the next victim. Let's quickly go around and find each clue. Be careful not to make any noise. If you wake up Granny, you get captured, you will lose a life and have to play again from the night of the kidnapping. You only have 5 lives, which means that if you get caught by Granny 5 times, you lose the game. Try to make a noise in another direction with a vase for example to fool this stupid old lady. Then went to hide in the closet, under the chair due to her poor capture. Along the way, also close the door to create more obstacles and have more time to escape. You will also accidentally open up rooms with spiders, her previous victims. It's a surprise right, run fast or the next person will be you.

How to play

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the C key to stand
  • Use the R key to hide or unhide
  • Use the E key to pick up or interact
  • Use the F key to receive or interact
  • Use the left mouse to shoot
  • Use the right mouse to spray