Crazy Roll 3D

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About Crazy Roll 3D

Join the Crazy Roll 3D running competition with your friends right now. Experience the speed, avoid all obstacles, and collect many diamonds to win.

You are under stress and want to vent all your sorrows. What are you waiting for without playing Crazy Roll 3D right away? In the game, you are just a ball and run yourself on 3D ramps. Fantasy 3D space with neon lights will make you feel like going on an adventure. In this journey, you need to collect diamonds and stay away from dangerous blocks. You yourself will be attracted to the speed and run. You will feel that the troubles will also be swept away with each ball. Hurry up to play now and go far to conquer this unlimited slope.

Features and difficulties you will encounter

In Crazy Roll 3D, you will come to a world of beautiful 3D graphics and lively music tunes. Your ball will run on dark roads filled with green, and yellow neon lights. It is beautiful, but it is also difficult for you to see the road. That makes you can fall into the black abyss at any time. The running speed of the ball also increases in each segment. Blocks in the way are also everywhere, you also need to stay away. Remember these things carefully if you do not want to stop the game. The special thing is that the game has two modes of one player and two players. You can play competitively with your close friends. Both will play on the same slope on both halves of the screen. Thus, it will be easy to compare, whoever runs farther, more points will win.

Guide to controlling the ball and some items to win

Ball control

In Crazy Roll 3D's unpredictable slope, you just need to pay attention to the road carefully and press the bright left and right arrow keys immediately when in danger. Only agility can help you run far. To use the acceleration function, press any of the keys 1, 2, or 3. Control the speed well and run as far as. You will get higher scores and higher rankings on the leaderboard.

Some extra items

Let's use three boosters like Double Diamond, Shield, and Magnet as the game advances. Besides avoiding dangerous obstacles, you should also work hard to collect more diamonds along the way. If you get 100 diamonds, you will exchange life for yourself. Moreover, you can use it to buy power-ups or change new balls in the shop.