Dumb Ways To Die

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Welcome to Dumb Ways to Die

Save many silly characters from dumb death in Dumb Ways to Die. In this game, you have to solve many wacky situations with your wit and agility.

Is your life fine? Are you stressed with your work or study? What can make you relax now? Everybody thought that death is very scary and the ways leading to death are terrible, too. However, the die ways will be silly and a bit funny in Dumb Ways to Die and they will make you laugh. Of course, you will be a superhero with kindness who will prevent death.

Dumb Ways to Die game

Many gamers consider the Dumb Ways to Die game to be their childhood game. In this game, you will have a relaxing time with the fun characters. With a diversity of gameplay, this game is the best choice for a boring day. Many people have the same question about what makes this game attractive in spite of its simple graphics. If you have the same question, you must look at the game's character and the official song of this game.

Dumb Ways to Die characters

This game is very famous for its characters which are extremely unique. You sometimes even see Dumb Ways to Die meme on the Internet. Although they are very adorable, they aren't too intelligent. These fun characters always get stuck in dangerous situations. Do you know the reasons? They are too silly and curious which leads to many dumb deaths. Almost all of these characters have the same shape which is the same as the pea. Let's find some characters that will appear at your train station:







The song of Dumb Ways to Die

I make sure it's really rare to have the official song for one online game. Normal songs are only created with many soundtracks played in different areas or throughout the game. However, this fun game makes a difference because there is an official song of this game on Youtube. You can even search Dumb Ways to Die lyrics on any search engine. It was released 10 years ago. With a catchy beat, this song became famous and it gained 269 million views. I was very surprised when I found that song. I even listen to this song every day.

Dumb Ways to Die gameplay

In the typical game, you will follow one rule throughout each stage, won't you? However, you need to manage various situations in this game. Keep in your mind that rescue the characters from any danger. In almost all of the problems, you always use the mouse to play. There are hundreds of situations and I will introduce some of the outstanding ones. However, all stages have the same point which is limited time. You must be quick because the time of the later stages is always shorter than the first stages. At any cost, you must ensure the main character's safe. Now, I will introduce some outstanding stages in this game.

Sew wound in Dumb Ways to Die

Your character called Capsule is injured and has an open wound. Now, you need to shut the wound. You will see a sewing needle and marked points. Let's connect the string from one side to another side. Don't forget to stitch in a zigzag!

Remember the pattern

Peanut wants to fire fireworks but there are too many buttons on the remote. You need to remember the buttons' order to click on them. Of course, you only have a few seconds to remember to press the correct pattern. You don't need to repeat all the patterns. However, the number of patterns will increase in the later stage.

Defend the private parts

The Capsule character is chilling under the water and doesn't know the danger lurking him. Many piranhas swim around him and they are ready to bite him after some seconds. What do you do now? Let's drag the mouse to pull these piranhas out of the screen. Don't let them access the Capsule!

Spin the clothes dryer in Dumb Ways to Die

Ambiguous is a pink male character who plays a silly hide and seek. Do you know where he hides? He dies in a clothes dryer which can crush him into pieces. When the machine spins, you need to spin it the other way. From that, you can save Ambiguous life.

Move Cup

Pillock wants to order a cup of liquid. This liquid can help him be more handsome with bouncy hair. However, if he drinks too much liquid can change his appearance and make him die. Therefore, you need to move the cup as soon as the liquid reaches the line.

What you don't know about Dumb Ways to Die

Release date

The beginning, Dumb Ways to Die is an Australian public campaign created by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria. It aims to warn about railway safety. The game version was released for the first time as an app in iOS software in May 2013. Until now, this game is designed with HTML5 technology, you can play Dumb Ways to Die game online directly on our website. Of course, you don't need to install this game.

The moral lesson of the game

Do you think an entertaining game has a moral lesson? I have to say yes. This game advises the players to avoid many dangerous activities such as taking expired medicine, keeping moving when the warning light alarm, etc. This game won't contain bloody shots because all graphics are cute cartoons. Therefore, parents can consider letting their children play this game. I think it's the best way for parents to enjoy this game with their children and explain the dangers of the game.

You can customize the character

This game allows you to change your character's body parts such as skins, hair, eyes, mouth, or even the shape of your bean. You can change the color of the bean to pink, orange, or even green, and so on. You can get cool hair in the shop and you need to have enough coins. The more expensive the hair is, the rare it is. Besides changing the character's appearance, you can purchase some decorated objects such as hats, glasses, and necklaces. Let's get as many coins as possible to buy all of them. Can you?

Advice for Beginners in Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is considered one of the hardest games in the world. It requires logical thinking and agility. To conquer this game, I will give you some tips and tricks:

  • Always read the clues on the screen. As you know, to understand the situation and give a suitable method, you should follow the clues which will disappear after some seconds.
  • No pain, no gain. You must try many times in one stage but don't give up. After many tries, you will have the method to rescue the character. You can pass the repeat stage more quickly. This game is endless game, so repeating some stages is possible.
  • When you get stuck at some stage and you can't pass them with the clues. Let's search for the method on the Internet. This game will clear all your mind, so let's try it now! Hope you will have a great time!