Monkey Mart

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Manage Supermarkets in Monkey Mart

Have you ever seen a supermarket for monkeys? Coming to Monkey Mart, you will start transforming into a monkey and learn how to trade and expand supermarkets.

Recently, people are very interested in talking about Monkey Mart. It is famous and is the first choice of many people in their spare time. So let's find out what is so attractive about managing the supermarket in the game.

Monkey opens a supermarket

You play as a smart monkey and start the management game. Join the game you will have a large area of land, you decide not to let the land fallow. First, to help yourself not to go hungry you decided to grow bananas to eat. But bananas come out too much and fast. Be quick to sell to other monkeys. After receiving the first coins, you came up with the idea to open a small supermarket for monkeys to earn a lot of money.

Your duties

You helped the monkey to open this supermarket and it is your responsibility to make it grow and expand it. Grow and harvest plants yourself, raise chickens, raise cows, etc and pack them for sale. You will manually manage the production process to customers to become a green supermarket with clean food. Let's work hard to expand this supermarket bigger and enjoy the fruits of our own.

Management process

To manage the development of this supermarket, you need to know how to produce items and pack them for sale.

Produce items

Right from the start, you have land and some capital. Let's grow a tree that produces more fruit and less money but makes monkeys love it. That's banana. Waiting for bananas to ripen, you can grow other fruits such as apples, oranges, etc. Then expand a little more, and you will start raising chickens, raising cows, etc. The more variety of agricultural products you have to serve the monkey's life, the more the monkey will like it. You can create some products from existing things like eggs and dairy cows to make cakes, cocoa to make coffee, etc. The more creative you have, the more your monkey customers will come here and the more money you get.

Sell it for money

If you grow it yourself, you have to put it on the counter for customers to buy. Use the arrow keys or ASDW on the keyboard to let this smart monkey move to the farm. Then the monkey will harvest, and you redirect him to the shelf place. When a customer buys, run back to the cashier counter and pay. Finally, the money goes into the pocket and buys more supermarket expansion items.

During the whole process, you will meticulously make the product yourself, sell it and collect money. Running everywhere and taking care of customers, you will understand the suffering of farmers. But it's proud to see the money you earn after hard work, isn't it?

Difficulties in management

Restaurant management has never been simple and neither is restaurant management in Monkey Mart. Your customer is a lot of monkeys with different colors. Sometimes they will not be satisfied with the food, or because of the slow payment method, etc. Fix it by buying more employees to help you co-manage. After buying more, there was a problem. You may encounter lazy employees. They doze off and always avoid work. How would you handle if there were mischievous monkeys smashing things in your store? If the guest does not pay, what to do, etc? Management is a headache. So sometimes treat yourself and buy yourself accessories like hats to become the most fashionable and special monkey.