Avatar Game

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Journey to the Land of Pandora

Welcome to the land of Pandora of the Na'vi in Avatar. Are you ready for adventure in beautiful land? Let's start the race and overcome the dangers right away.

Do you know the movie Avatar 2 that has making the internet community crazy when it was first released in recent months? If you haven't seen it, you probably know the guy Jake Sully and the bright blue Na'vi people, right? When you come to Avatar, you will be transformed into Jake Sully and have a journey to this Pandora land. You will have moments of experience with sparkling forests with mysterious animals. Let's run and jump on the big trees and see beautiful waterfalls etc. A beautiful land like this is very suitable for you to experience moments of entertainment, right?

Difficult levels in Avatar

Like the saying that roses have thorns, everything that is beautiful contains dangers that no one can expect. Here are three levels equivalent to the three harshest locations with many spikes in the land of Pandora of Avatar

  • Stereo Madness: This is the first level and also the easiest level. Your running location is in a large forest. You just need to run forward, skillfully avoid obstacles, and reach the finish line, and you will pass.
  • Back On Track: you will join a race with jumping cushions on Pandora's waterfall bay. The dangerous difficulty will be increased for you to experience a terrifying speed.
  • Polarist: is the last mode for you and also the hardest mode. In this level, you will participate in a race with jump rings in the forest of souls. Once you get used to the speed in the previous two modes, you'll go to Polarist and practice quick reflexes.

All three of these tracks have leaderboards for the fastest players to score high. Can you put your name on that list?

Conquer the track in Avatar

Try to conquer all three of these races in the shortest time you need to know how to control some help items.

Character control

The special thing in Avatar is that you can choose to control the character Jake Sully, a glittering blue-skinned Na'vi, or a battleship. Controlling both is also very simple. You just need to use the mouse skillfully, master the speed and avoid dangerous obstacles.

Help items

Along this discovery race, you can use jump pads or hoops to jump higher. It makes it easier for you to avoid obstacles and reach your destination faster. However, your quick reflexes are still the main thing that helps you win. Join now with your friends and I'm sure this is this Avatar land adventure that won't let you down.