Temple of Boom

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Ancient tower in Temple of Boom

Join the fierce gunfight in the ancient castle have you ever tried? Then let's play Temple of Boom now to have moments of shooting with monsters that stand in the way.

From afar, people don't believe that old castles are haunted, right? Coming to Temple of Boom you will have a different mindset. You will have a journey lost in the ancient castle. It is dark and full of evil spirits. They are evil and ugly. Once you have fallen into the castle you need to run continuously on the platforms to be able to chase and shoot at them immediately. And of course, those monsters also have weapons and they will also hide when you are not paying attention and harm you. What do you have to do?

Game modes and controls in Temple of Boom

The game has two game modes for you and your friends to have moments of entertainment together


Up, left, and right arrow keys are used to jump and move in the castle. If you walk along the road and see a weapon, press the down arrow. Quickly aim with the Z key to destroy the enemy. If the enemy is too strong, press the X key and change the weapon.


  • Player 1: This player will use ADW keys to jump and move. S and C keys to pick up weapons and shoot. V key to change weapon.
  • Player 2: Player 2 uses the arrow keys to jump, move and pick up guns like in single-player mode. The difference is that if you want to shoot monsters, you have to use the K and L keys to change weapons.

In both modes, you can choose Endless and Campaign. In Campaign mode, you will face evil creatures in three temples. In Endless mode, your mission is to destroy everything and stay alive! In this survival game, you will have to be the winner surviving the demons. I believe you will rely on your shooting ability to get out of the tower safely.