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Intro Bloxd.IO

If you like playing io games, you can't ignore Bloxd.io. Jump across different platforms and perform missions on each map. Be the leader in the leaderboard.

World in Bloxd.io

Coming to Bloxd.io you will have the opportunity to experience many maps corresponding to different lands. Each world is a mini-game and you will have your own quest to complete. Let's experiment and have great experiences in overcoming challenges.

The lands in Bloxd.io

  • Survival: into this game, you will have to kill opponents and do some small side quests.
  • Peaceful: when playing this mode, you will have to explore, mine, and build.
  • Greenville: in this game, you still have to build but to make a living for yourself.
  • EvilTower: you will race agility against opponents and climb to the top of the fearsome tower.
  • BloxdHop: quite simple, you jump to the end of the map at a certain time.
  • DoodleCube: you need to create objects according to an existing theme.
  • CubeWarfare: you will have great power and use your mouse to shoot all opponents.
  • There are also Bed Wars, Creative, OneBlock, and Worlds: everyone will be completely creative and build blocks on their own worlds.

Features of Bloxd.io

  • Multiplayer
  • Multiple worlds and maps
  • Many interesting challenges
  • Separate charts
  • Many power-up items
  • Special platforms

How to play Bloxd.io

You just need to use WASD to move and C to drag down. When you want to jump press the spacebar and go running by pressing Shift W. The C, and Z buttons will help you to go down and explore. Please right-click or E/Q key on the place and release the block. If you want to break the block you placed, left-click. When you want to talk to people in the same world channel press T or Enter to talk. And especially use the B key to open the store. You have a lot of gold and the shop will sell you everything to power up. You can customize the game to first-person or third-person gameplay by pressing the P key. This is very unique to give you more experience while playing. Each mini-game will bring you certain visits and challenges. Are you ready to experience and lead the leaderboards in Bloxd.io?