Crossy Road

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Scenes in Crossy Road

Are you afraid of crowds and afraid of crossing the street? Play Crossy Road now to see if you can cross busy roads, and train tracks and earn gold coins.

When entertaining with Crossy Road you will see very ordinary scenes. The streets, the trees, etc are all well depicted. Every day, on the street, there are cars coming and going, the familiar beeping sirens. Therefore, when playing the game will give players a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

Gameplay of Crossy Road

Let's find out your mission and rules when playing the game


In Crossy Road, you will transform into a small white chicken. You are lost on the street and need to find your way out. The scene on the crowded street is chaotic. Anything can cause you to die and lose the game. Fast cars, train tracks, etc. Everything will go on and no one will stop to give way to a chicken. It seems that you will understand the fear of termites when crossing the road. You have to help our little chicken cross the road safely. Along the way, also earn more lucky gold coins.


The chicken needs to move forward safely and collect a lot of gold coins. But if the chicken collides with anything and any vehicle, you lose. Don't worry too much. Every time you lose, you will be comforted by small gift boxes with the total amount of coins you earn. Maybe with luck you will open the bonus of appearance and maybe become a cat, for example. Lots of cute animals to let you change shape down the street. The special thing you need to keep in mind is that you must not stop moving forward. If you stop for a short time the eagle on the sky will see it and rush down to take you away. You lose the game.

Control the character to complete the mission

How to move

You will use the arrow keys to move your chicken to move forward.


You need to control the chicken to get as much gold as possible. But many times if you see a car about to collide with a chicken, you should immediately run away. If the chicken is still alive, you will be free to continue to earn gold. The time for you to wait for the car to pass or determine the direction until the falcon descends is only a few seconds. So you need to calculate and time accurately to overcome these dangers.