Flip Skater Idle

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About Flip Skater Idle

Flip Skater Idle gives you one of the most dangerous ski playgrounds. You can overcome obstacles, perform difficult moves, and become a professional skier.

Ski trail

The game is set in the snow white and cold. There are two of our skiers who are still hard at work training. The sledding rink will have platforms in the way everywhere. They appear consecutively along the road and cause danger. Besides, there are also gold stars to help you shop for items.

Mission while skiing

You have to control both of these athletes at the same time. Must be clever so that one of the two does not hit an obstacle in the way. Move forward fast earning stars and reach the finish line. Show everyone your skills. The curvaceous and flexible movements of a professional athlete.

Conquer the ski route

To control this skier you will use the arrow keys or ASDW very flexibly. You can't let either of our athletes collide with platforms that block the road. They will explode and you will lose the game. What you need to do is look closely at the dangers on the white snow. Winding, jumping, and dancing to the music. When completing the game, players will be able to unlock more characters with different skills and different skating scenes at the park. Are you ready to experience and show off your peak skiing skills?