Zombie Area

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Doomsday happens

Zombie Area is an apocalyptic survival shooter. The zombies have broken the door and entered your house. Pick up the gun and shoot to keep yourself alive.

The end of the world has come, there are no survivors around. Everyone was turned into inanimate zombies. These zombies only know how to find the remaining living animals to eat. They are crowded and they are everywhere. Gradually they enter your room. It is very difficult to destroy them without using weapons such as guns and bombs. Your room in the Zombie Area also has a lot of those monsters out there. They're breaking down the door. Be prepared to use your gun and aim to destroy them.

Kill zombies

In Zombie Area, there will be many waves of fighting with zombies, you will fight with more and more powerful zombies. Their number is also increasing. You must find a way to survive with available weapons. Let's move around with arrow keys. Aim straight at the target and left-click to shoot. Become a zombie hunter, earn lots of money, and upgrade guns together. Stay in the room and wait, the wave of zombies is about to attack you.