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About Wormax.io

Wormax.io is a game with many opponents and all will scramble for food to grow up and defeat the enemies. Eat a lot and help your snake grow in size.

Wormax.io is like the traditional snake game. Only collecting a lot of food will make the snakes grow strong. In the game screen, there are also many nutritious foods. But these foods aren't just for you. They are shared because the game also has many people participating. The amount of food is limited so everyone needs to compete for food to grow stronger. In the world of Wormax.io adults will have power, at the top of the food chain. Big will eat small. To protect yourself you should also learn how to survive in this harsh environment. Eat as much as you can, the bigger the better and you will no longer be afraid of anyone harming you.

Destroy the enemy

In this multiplayer survival game, you need to grow big and develop strength. You must collect power-ups beyond food to get special abilities and become stronger. It will help you to eat more food or get rid of other worms easily. When a worm collides with other worms, it dies so you have to make your opponent crash into you to kill them. You know this and your opponent knows this too, so be very careful not to get caught in your opponent's trap.

Control the snake

Controlling the snake is extremely easy. Move the mouse to control the snake in the direction you want to go. Go around and eat a lot. As long as the snake collides with food, that food will be digested and the snake will grow. If you want to run away or speed up to eat more food, hold down the left mouse button. Are you ready to fight eat everything and eliminate all opponents in this survival battle?