Who Is?

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Puzzle in Who Is?

Do you like light reasoning puzzle games? Come to Who Is? to solve puzzles based on questions and hints to find the mysterious person to pass the levels.

Who Is? is a game that solves many different puzzles to find the mysterious person. Each level of play is a big question for you, and you have to find the differences between each person. The puzzles will change continuously and more difficult through each level will make you no longer feel bored. Brain games are very suitable to play in moments of relaxation. Invite your friends to join and see who can find the most mysterious people and pass the most levels.

How to win

You will play each puzzle in different situations and have to find the mysterious person to pass the level. To do that, pay attention to the details and use the mouse to move to the suspicious person to check. For example, there are three passengers carrying luggage on the plane. Use your mouse to drag the quiets over their luggage. Who the mysterious person carrying banned substances on the plane will be discovered. Or more simply with the "Who is the wife" puzzle, you will just need to drag the mouse through the bag and there will be a picture of the couple in the wallet, who is not the mysterious person. Do you find it interesting and are ready to solve the puzzles?