Two Ball 3D: Dark

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Overview of Two Ball 3D: Dark

Run in Two Ball 3D: Dark to enjoy the speed right away. You need to control a ball rolling in a space with attractive Neon lights and must not fall or collide.

Rolling ball game

For those of you who have ever loved the game Slope, you will not be able to ignore Two Ball 3D: Dark. In this game, you will still control a rolling ball. These speed ramps are limitless. Deep and dark. That highlights the neon lights of the platforms you roll. What a beautiful space, isn't it? But it also contains dangers that you do not expect.

In-game Mode

  • 1 PLAYER: you will play alone and enjoy the feeling of speed brought. You need to run as fast and as far as possible on the endless slope.
  • 2 PLAYER: you and your friends will play together on the same device split screen. Each person is half, the track is the same and together find the winner who runs the longest.

Guide Controls

Control the rolling ball

  • PLAYER 1: Press the WASD keys to control the ball
  • PLAYER 2: Press ARROW KEYS to control the ball

What you need to do

Quick and accurate reflexes when the ball rolls on the slopes. The square-blocking platforms will be something you need to avoid. Do not collide or you will die. One thing to keep in mind is to always run in the middle of the track when there are no obstacles. Because these roads are very narrow, if you fall into the dark void you will stop the game. Sometimes you will have to run in the tunnels, you can't let the ball collide. The only thing you can get close to collecting without dodging is the golden diamonds. They will help you buy some support items in the shop.

Support items for you

In the store, there are 3 types of rockets corresponding to 3 items to help you overcome this steep track.

  • Shield: It will protect you against square platforms when accidentally exposed. Limited use time.
  • Magnet: using it you will automatically attract gold diamond numbers when you get close. But when you use it for a certain time, it will stop working.
  • x2 Multiplier: If you want to double the collected diamonds, use this booster.

All these item rockets are purchased with diamonds. Try to increase the value of diamonds you have, the easier it is to win.