Sushi Party

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Food game

A lot of food at the Sushi Party appeared and attracted many snakes to eat. You also participate and collect many different types of food to become bigger.

Various types of food

Called the Sushi Party, so the playground will have a lot of Sushi besides there are many other foods. You can find other dishes such as rice balls, dumplings, shrimp, etc. There are also drinks such as orange juice, fruit, and ice cream. They all have nutritional value, even what you ingest as feces can be eaten. So use the mouse and go around and eat a lot to become a big snake.

Destroy your opponents

It was such a big party so there were a lot of other snakes attracted as well. They are all your opponents so you also need to think of ways to destroy them. When the opponent dies, the amount of food they ate will also return so if you want to be at the top of the food chain you must do so. Let them go to the red land, where it is a forbidden place, anyone who goes there will die. Or simply let them crash into you, the opponent will also die. That also works for you so you have to be very careful to stay away from bigger opponents if you don't want to give up this race too soon.

Achievements you need

Every time you eat 50 stools and 500 sushi you will be considered an achievement and will receive a reward. It will be mysterious gift boxes. Inside there are hats showing the level. Big, deep hats also grow bigger, which shows that you have lived a long time and have skills. Those hats are more precisely crowns, increasingly colorful and terrifying to enemies. In short, just eat a lot, get big to crush your opponent, and stay at the top of the food chain.