Sugar Heroes

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World of Sugar Heroes

In Sugar Heroes, you need to swap positions so that the candies, jellies, etc. of the same type become a straight line of 3 or more cells to collect and win.

This is a world filled with colorful candies. The donuts sprinkled with nuggets, the green jelly, etc always attract everyone to play. They will all appear on the playing screen making you crave. In Sugar Heroes, you will have many levels of play equivalent to many challenges. At each level, you need to complete separate tasks. If you complete it you will receive rewards and help items.

Sugar Heroes Game Rules

Like Candy Crush, you will enter a world full of candies and you have to move to collect them. This is a strategic thinking game. Each level requires you to collect different numbers of cakes. You must calculate that at least three of the same candies line up horizontally or vertically to collect them. For example, at level one you need to collect 15 cakes and 15 jellies. When you have completed enough, you will win the level. The number of requests and the number of steps allowed at each level are not the same. You need to pay attention to the calculation so that you can collect the most by matching four, five, or more to create missiles or a vortex of destruction. Each time you successfully match 3,4,5, etc, the more points you get, the greater your chance of getting three gold stars.