StoryZoo Games

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Animal classroom

StoryZoo Games is an animal-themed classroom for kids. Here, children will be able to color, guess words, match pictures, etc with pink bear and brown monkey.

Introduction to the class

The panorama in StoryZoo Games is a fun classroom for kids. Around there will be beautiful small wall paintings, bookshelves, and funny objects. Children when playing will be able to make friends with teddy bears and always have Pink Bears and Brown Monkeys playing by their side. Players will discover and learn more about the animals around them through this gentle puzzle mini-game.

Special thing

StoryZoo Games like Dumb Ways to Die has realistic visuals and sound quality that will make every player stress-free and happy. The gameplay is simple and makes you feel like you are lost in an animal world through pictures. This is an educational puzzle game that is especially suitable for children. Children will both play and learn more useful knowledge about the animals around them. Play and review vocabulary about animals you know or have never met. In this class, Pink Bear and Brown Monkey will be your companions so you don't feel lost. This is simply an animal class through each interesting mini game and makes the children more interested and understanding about the world.

The mini-games

There are many types of mini-games in StoryZoo Games and there are many different gameplay. It will make players practice their memory, creativity and have fun moments.

Guess the animal's name

Use the mouse and click on the board with the letters ABC. You have come to the mini-game of guessing the animal's name by looking at the picture. There will be a photo with familiar animals such as cats, pigs, dogs, and strange animals such as rhinos and dinosaurs. Below will be a blank line and the player must drag the letters to that line in the correct order and enough letters of that animal.

Color the picture

In the StoryZoo Games classroom, color is indispensable. Use your mouse to click on the pictures on the wall and color them with the brown monkey. Each picture has been drawn quite fully. Your job is to choose your favorite colors and hover to color. After creating your own work, you can save it and dry it for everyone. There will be many different drawings for you to freely show your talent for color.

Flip card

Click on the cards on the screen. It will appear on different cards. Each card is a different animal like an elephant, tiger, or lion. Those cards are being face-down. You need to click to flip it over. If you flip two identical cards, you will discard them. If you get rid of all those cards in a short time, you will win with a high score.


You click on the icon with the cubes. On the screen will appear pictures that are divided into parts and messed up in the wrong order. Let's move them so that they become exactly the same animal picture shape as the original. After sorting, the animal's vocabulary is also displayed.

Find similar photos

This game is quite difficult. Players need to rely on the original photo and choose the remaining photo with the same shadow. For example, there is a picture of a monkey on a tree and you have to think about finding the right card with a black shadow with a tree and a monkey.