Stick Merge

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Gunfight in Stick Merge

In Stick Merge, there are chaotic and terrible shootings. Prove yourself as a good shooter upgrade your guns and destroy your opponents one by one.

Coming to Stick Merge, you will be in a land full of chaos. This place has a lot of gunfights broke out of stick people. It is possible that due to incompatibility, causing unnecessary conflicts. The enemies are already standing with guns in front of your house. They are numerous and very protective of themselves. Do not be afraid. Pick up your gun and start aiming. They are numerous, but they only know how to shoot guns and do not know combat tactics. So this is a good opportunity for you. Just bravely shoot them one by one until they all die you will be the winner.

Win the gun battle

Let's learn how to win from talented shooters

Energy line

If you pay attention both you and your opponent have energy lines. You have a 100% green line. The opponent has a red line. If both sides are hit by you, the mana bar will drop. If it drops to 0%, it will die.

Gunfight with hatred

As I said, your stickman enemies are very large, you need to shoot continuously. They can hide anywhere. You should always be in a state of moving the mouse to look around. If you meet an opponent, then click the left mouse button immediately. You should observe and aim at the right hiding place of the enemy. Shoot them repeatedly until their energy bar runs out. Continue to fight each opponent one by one, when they all die you will smoothly win through the level. Are you ready to become a shooting genius stickman?

Gun upgrade

In Stick Merge, every time you can shoot and destroy opponents smoothly through the level in a short time, you will have a lot of money and gifts. You will use that money to buy more guns and keep them in the warehouse. Buy as much as you can because in the game you don't have to spend money to buy ammo. The more you buy, the better your gun will be, with more powerful damage and a higher accuracy rate. Guns will divide by levels and you will merge your guns according to the same levels. For example, you have two first-level guns, and using the mouse to click together we will have a really good second-level gun. Note that as your gun level up higher and higher, you will have to spend more money to buy.