Spacebar Clicker

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Overview Spacebar Clicker

If you are a fan of clicker games, you cannot ignore the Spacebar Clicker game. Join the game with your friends and see who has the fastest typing speed.

What is Spacebar Clicker?

If you are too familiar with famous clicker games like Candy Clicker or Capybara Clicker, then you probably won't know about Spacebar Clicker. The same is a clicker game so when playing you will just need to press the spacebar as much and as quickly as possible. It will have no pressure on you when you have to fight with other players like in racing or shooting games. But on the contrary, it helps you practice your reflexes and quick keystrokes when playing adventurous games like racing. In this world, there are only keyboards and speed, no cute animals or candy world like other clicker games. But believe me, you will love this game from the first minute.

Test speed with Spacebar Clicker

Spacebar Clicker is like a tool to measure your keystroke speed. It will show the number of times you made a spacebar press within a second. The person with the fastest reflexes on the chart is currently 14 times/second. Don't think the game will be boring. It will help you have the ability to attack and shoot in other action games. And yet, it also has tons of keyboard upgrades and some items to help you try to achieve the goal to unlock.

Some support items

  • Keyboard upgrade: When you have a full score, you need to buy keyboard upgrades so that your score is doubled after each click.
  • Crazy Bird: They don't know what the spacebar is so they peck repeatedly until they reach the spacebar, which happens every 5 seconds.
  • Millennials: A child who helps you press the spacebar 3 times per second.
  • Zoomers: This proficient kid will assist you with 20 clicks per second.
  • Angry Boomer Man, Dota Gamer, AI Robot: 180-3500 clicks per second.
  • MG 3: MG 3 and Atomic Explosion: these are two weapons that help you get 25,000 to 100,000 more clicks per second.
  • The Hand of God: this is the most powerful item: 1,000,000 times/second.