Space Battleship Orion

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Space war

Join the fierce space battle with Space Battleship Orion. You will control a spaceship to avoid meteors to fight the asteroids invading your land.

Asteroids flying in space recently have a tendency to deviate from their orbit and hit our planet. This is something that people are extremely worried about. Here, you are a battle hero who drives a super-good battleship. You will take command of the Orion Spaceship and will lead your party toward the asteroid. Fly your ship through space and confront the enemy fleet. Along the way, of course, there will be countless meteorites and other enemy warships. You are alone, will you be able to defeat them?

Win the space battle

To be able to safely survive, of course, you must shoot down enemy ships to score points. Dodge enemies and their blows with arrow keys to survive as long as possible. Each time you are hit you will lose points and over time you will lose the game. So you need to collect power-ups to energize you for a short time like shields, lasers, etc. Go ahead confidently to destroy the evil asteroids.