Sniper 3D

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A professional sniper

Explore a world full of thrilling action in Sniper 3D. You will become a dangerous sniper, holding a gun and moving to find targets and shoot them down.

Coming to Sniper 3D, you will become a professional sniper shooter. You have the task of hiding, observing, and waiting for the right opportunity to destroy the prey. You must use your powerful sniper rifle to find your target and shoot him down before he escapes. The scene will be normal streets with lots of people and buildings as obstructions. Your targets are evil bosses or prison breakers etc. Therefore you must pay attention to the description or you will kill innocent people and lose the game.

Destroy the target

First, observe everything around with your gun. A professional sniper needs patience and meticulousness. You see everything and start zooming in when you see an opponent with the W key. If not on target, press the S key to zoom out. If you are exactly the person you are looking for, zoom in on the gun and click the left mouse button. Every time you kill those bad guys, you will get bonus coins. Thanks to that coin, you can upgrade your gun and equip more weapons in the shop.