Skibidi Laboratory

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About Skibidi Laboratories

Skibidi Laboratory is a unique platform game that takes you on a unique journey. Explore the puzzles, experiments and surprises the game has to offer right now. Welcome to the enchanting world of Skibidi Laboratory, a fresh and exciting platform adventure game that seamlessly combines elements of collecting and shooting. Prepare to be captivated by a unique gameplay experience that promises endless excitement from start to finish. Get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Skibidi Labs, where fun and challenge collide.

Collect crystals and conquer challenges

Your journey through the Skibidi Lab is a dynamic mix of strategy and action. Maneuver Skibidi through different rooms of the lab using the W, A and D keys. Your task is to collect all the valuable crystals scattered in each room. These brilliant gems not only mark your progress, but also play an important role in conquering your lab.

Master the art of shooting

As you go deeper into the lab, you will encounter formidable CameraHeads. Armed with your shooting skills, take out these mechanical enemies by pressing the K key towards them. Accuracy and timing are your allies as you aim and shoot them away. Be cautious though, hitting the CameraHead will result in a reboot, so make sure you stay one step ahead.

Avoid spikes and traps

The lab is filled with dangers, including dangerous spikes and a variety of traps that threaten Skibidi's progress. Quick reflexes and careful maneuvering are essential as you navigate through each level. One wrong move can lead to a restart, so stay alert and handle each obstacle skillfully.

Unlock the Doors and Go Forward

Throughout the Skibidi Lab, you'll come across doors that can be opened by stepping on buttons strategically placed in different rooms. Unravel the mysteries of the lab using your problem-solving skills to reach new areas. Each door that opens brings you one step closer to conquering the entire lab.


Skibidi Labs presents an exciting mix of collecting, shooting, and strategic gameplay that will keep you on your toes. With crystals to collect, enemies to defeat, and obstacles to overcome, every moment is filled with anticipation and suspense. As you explore the strange world of Skibidi Labs, remember that success awaits those who combine skill, intelligence, and courage. So get ready, shoot, and prepare to immerse yourself in a gameplay experience like no other. Good luck and your journey through the Skibidi Lab will be an unforgettable one!