Skateboard Challenge

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Skateboard Challenge puts you on a skateboarding mission. Control your character to complete challenges, and collect all the letters to complete the level.

Play Skateboard Challenge

Welcome to come here and join this free online game on our website. You would think it would be easy to jump while skating on a skateboard, despite the fact that doing so is more difficult than imagined. Until you complete each level of this game you will have a different view, because this game will require your skills to move and complete your level. To do that you have to jump to collect coins and other items as well as avoid hazards.

Create beautiful spins and moves as you slide, smash columns, and finish your combo with a deadly flip. To pass each level, remember to collect every SKATE and COMBO letter. To prove that you are a real skater, try to complete all the levels and unlock new characters.

Control the character in the game

  • To start moving around you can use the arrow keys.
  • Space = jump
  • ZXC = trick
  • Arrow = slide
  • To score a 5-0 win, land on the tracks and tap left, right or down. Slide your nose while bringing it down.

If you already have a basic grasp of the content and how to play then join this amazing challenge now. Don't forget to invite your friends to join and compete together for a fun time playing!