Silly Ways To Die

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Cute characters in Silly Ways To Die

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation? The characters in our little Silly Way To Die are in life-threatening trouble. Save them and get bonus points.

In Silly Ways To Die, you will not have to play a ball or a character at all. You are here to the rescue. When playing the game, you will see characters with big heads and small limbs. They come in different colors and different faces. They look stupid and funny. They are in imminent danger of death and are still standing still and smiling. Please rescue them.

Help the little characters out of danger

In this game, you will have 3 lives in order to rescue the tiny characters. The successful rescue will give you 100 points. Letting the tiny character die will cost you a life. At the end of 3 lives, you lose. So how to rescue? You will use the mouse and use your smart agility to rescue on a case-by-case basis. For example, our character is being chased by a cow. You need to click the mouse on the screen to speed up the character to survive. After escaping, the character will ride on the bull and continue. They're cute and stupid, aren't they? So they really need your help.