Shell Shockers

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Guide to Winning in Shell Shockers

The egg gun competition is taking place fiercely in Shell Shockers. Take part in, choosing between guns and killing enemies or you will die.

Have you ever seen shooting eggs? That's not weird and happens often in Shell Shockers. The eggs were frequently disputed and there was an intense gunfight. You try to transform into an egg in it and pick up the gun to fight and eliminate the enemies to win.

Choose the right weapon

In Shell Shockers there are many weapons and a variety of guns for you to choose from Eggk-47, Scrambler, Free Ranger, Rpegg, etc. Each type has its own fighting ability. Players can think and find the most suitable gun, the easiest to use. Each time your gun hits an opponent you will get coins. If you want to upgrade or buy more expensive weapons, go to the store and use that coin to exchange. In addition, the store also equips you with hats and accessories. It has no power-ups but will make you a stylish egg in the eyes of your opponent.

Join the battle

After having the appropriate weapon. Let's join the battle go around and look for the enemy. Aim, shoot cypress hits. Based on your skills, destroy them all, and don't let yourself get hit. Remember to find and hide and replenish energy from the eggs on the ground. The game is played in the first-person perspective will give players the most realistic fighting feeling. What are you waiting for? Just play now.

How to control the eggs

  • Combine the WASD keys to move
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot
  • Press the E to change the weapon
  • Use the F to make a melee attack
  • Click the Q to throw a grenade
  • Press the R to reload
  • Use the space to jump
  • Shift to zoom and aim.