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Big ocean in Shark.io

Welcome to the vast ocean in Shark.io. You will transform into a small shark to eat smaller fish or people to earn points and stay away from the big fish.

Play Shark.io and you will be watching a vast ocean. This is a beach full of blue and attracts all players. You can feel the gentle waves along with the sparkling lights shining on the sea surface. You will experience a whole new world with many special fish species. There are starfish, sperm whales, squid, etc. All of them swim very realistically. There are even people lying in the sun. But besides that peace are the bloody survival hunts.

Shark.io and the rules of the game

As everyone knows the law of the sea. The big fish will eat the small fish. In Shark.io too and you will be transformed into a shark. It sounds interesting, but you are just a very young shark. So you need to eat the smaller fish by quickly using the mouse to move. Eat more and become bigger. Remember to avoid the fish that are bigger than yourself if there is a collision you will lose the game. Just watch the ocean and become a killer under the sea.