Save My Pets

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The context in Save My Pets

Welcome to the pet rescue journey in Save My Pets. In the game, your pet dog is threatened by ferocious bees, let's draw a circle to protect them.

Right from the name of the game, you know that your job is to protect your dog. In the game, your dog teased angry bees. He wanted to eat honey, so he went to the hive to get it. The dog went to the riverbank and went to the place where the bees were nesting. The bees were ready and burned the dog until the dog's whole body was red and swollen. You won't let that happen, will you?

Complete the quest in Save My Pets

Let's learn how to do your duty and how to protect your dog


In Save My Pets, the dog can die from a bee sting or fall into a pit, lava, etc. Although the dog is mischievous, it is impossible to let the dog go. Only you love it and can save it. You need to use your smart creativity to be able to draw the dog a protective circle. You must ensure that the circle can protect the dog from the bees for 10 seconds. If after that time the dog has not been stung by a bee or fallen into a deep hole, you will win.

How to rescue the dog

You rescue the dog on the phone, and use your finger to slide, and create lines around. If you're playing on a computer, use your mouse and draw. Whether the dog is safe depends on your creativity and calculation. After you successfully rescue the dog you can rescue more Silly Ways To Die characters on our Dumb Ways To Die website.

Things you need to pay attention to

Dangerous things on the sidelines

In addition to poisonous bees, our dog will also be attacked by marginalized characters. Besides, the dog also goes to get the beehive right at the riverbank or the lava, the dog can fall down at any time. Draw lots of circles and create as many strange shapes as possible to keep the dog safe. And yet, through each level, the danger to the dog is also increasing. There will be more bee colonies and more dangerous settings. Can you protect this cute dog in the game's 70 levels?

When you draw, time will also count, until you stop, the bees will come out. This swarm of bees will attack you for 10 seconds. If your line of defense is not strong enough they will be able to flip over and burn the dog. They are numerous and powerful, so they cannot be underestimated. The trick for you is to draw a circle around the hive and lots of overlapping lines for the dog to fall without collision. Be creative and use the right methods at all levels. You can also join your friends in the entertainment time to think together to protect the cute dog.

Unlock new skins

The special thing about Save My Pets is that you can buy him new skins. Each level plays with new challenges and new interfaces that will make the players not bored. It also gives you more goals because in order to change, the player must have diamonds. Where do you get it? The time you draw the protective circle on the top corner of the screen will count. If you draw quickly at 3 diamonds, when you complete the level you will receive 3 diamonds. The same goes for levels 1 and 2 diamonds. For each random unlock you need 300 diamonds.