Run Kaiju Run

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The Discovery Run in Run Kaiju Run

You are ready to go on an arduous journey in Run Kaiju Run with a fun character. Help him run to the finish line and collect as many eggs as possible.

A cute chubby character running in the game Run Kaiju Run. His mission is to run back to the magic rock in a short time. He looks very cute and funny when he runs. He has short legs and is a bit chubby so you need to help him. You will use the left and right arrow keys so that he can avoid dangerous objects. Just a collision and you will have to play from the beginning. The only things you can collect in this game are eggs. Collect them a lot to be able to shop at the store. You just run, while avoiding danger and collecting eggs to reach the finish line. Once you reach the finish line, you will be taken to a new level with new maps. Very enjoyable and simple journey.

Store with Run Kaiju Run

In the world of Run Kaiju Run the eggs you can collect are used as currency. You will use them to enter the store and buy things. For example, if you have 50 eggs you can exchange them for Head Start, etc. There are quite a few other useful items that will benefit your race. Make a lot of money and use it sparingly.