Rocket Soccer Derby

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Strange soccer match in Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby is a soccer game with cars. When playing the game you will both control your car and score a goal into the opponent's net.

Do you love speed racing games and soccer games? If you like both, there will be times when you will find yourself wondering which genre you want to play. Now with Rocket Soccer Derby that will no longer happen. This is a game that combines racing and football. You will use super beautiful racing cars and score goals into the opponent's net. This match only lasted for 200 seconds. Quickly take advantage of the time to steal the ball from the opponent's hand right away. The game has 2 modes for you to try Rocket League or Quick Play.

Win the match

To win and win the championship cup, learn how to control and upgrade your car

Control the car

Instead of controlling the players kicking the ball with their feet. Controlling a soccer car in Rocket Soccer Derby is quite a challenge for you. You will still use the familiar WASD key to move. You can still control the car sideways to left, back, and forward comfortably. Even the car can jump like a real person when you press the spacebar. In the matches, it is also indispensable for top-notch skills to turn around, right? Your car will also do when you double-click twice. Keep these things in mind and start shining on stage.

Upgrade the car

You only have 200 seconds to play. Time goes by fast so improve cars with extra equipment that looks like demolition derbies. Increase speed and smoothness to rush the ball to score spectacular goals. It will get you through the Beginners League to the Expert League. Hurry up to play and shine.