Return Man Football

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Return Man Football Rules

Return Man Football is a special American-style football game. You control a rugby ball on an impossible field to let your opponent steal the ball and score.

This is a football game so you need to get the ball towards the goal that says Touchdown. You have a lot of opponents in each level such as Atlant, Red Devil, Blue Crow and many others. You have to win the team one by one with a high score then you can go to the next level and fight with the stronger team. That means when you fight the Atlant team and you have to win that team before you can move on to play against the Red Devil. Here, the opposing team's players are very agile, they steal your ball very quickly when you are not paying attention. So how to bring the ball back to the Touchdown goal? Completely relies on quick reflexes. your physical strength and technique.

How to Win in Return Man Football

You and the opposing team are in an intense battle. They will always get in your way and prevent you from succeeding. Score a goal from the starting point to the final destination of the playing field by moving the mouse. Use the mouse and drag the ball from the beginning of the field to the end of the field. It is clever to dodge the opponent and do not let them catch your ball, you will lose. Don't think that's it, you have to show technique to get a high score to pass the level. For example, when you only have to quickly drag a straight line to the finish line, you will only get 8 points and still have to play the level again.