Real Bottle Shooter 3D

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Gun Arena in Real Bottle Shooter 3D

Join Real Bottle Shooter 3D to show your shooting skills. In this game, you need to shoot all the bottles in a certain amount of time to complete the mission.

The scene in Real Bottle Shooter 3D is exactly a military zone. There are tanks, full of guns, ammo, etc. In particular, there will be no bloody shootings here. In here will only be shooting with colorful bottles and designs. You will have the task of shooting all those bottles in the shortest time possible.

Shooting Guide

To shoot, use the mouse to move the scope to the bottle. Then use the Space key to shoot. Shoot all of you, then press the R key to reload more bullets. Based on the time you complete the task, you will be rated from 1-3 stars. The faster you shoot all the bottles, the more stars you will get.

In-game challenge

At each level in Real Bottle Shooter 3D, the difficulty for you will increase. The racks that hold the bottles will rotate or increase in number. The bottles will also get smaller making it difficult to shoot. But you can't possibly spend a lot of time looking at it. Each level will count down the time you play. Failure to complete the mission within that time, you lose. The number of bullets fired in each level also has a certain amount. You can't miss too many times. Out of ammo but the number of bottles is still there, you will also lose the game. Don't be pressured by these things, prove to everyone that you are talented.