Raft Wars 2

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Gunfight Happens

Continuing with Raft Wars, Raft Wars 2 brings you a more dangerous treasure battle. Still the gunfights, but this time you will compete with powerful guards.

Raft Wars Serial Story

In the first Raft Wars game, we saw and witnessed both Simon brothers having fierce shooting battles to get back the gold from the pirates. After safely returning, both Simon brothers decided to bury the gold back on the beach. This is a deserted beach, both brothers had to fight pirates by themselves without meeting anyone. Just think that everything will be fine and the treasure is firmly in hand. Sometime later, when both brothers went back and found the treasure, they found a skyscraper there. Now the two will have to fight the guard again to get the gold back.

Gunfight with guards

No one wants to lose the gold they have. So did the two Simon brothers. Please help them fight to get this gold back. Another intense gunfight takes place between you and the guards. However, it will not be as simple as before because the guards and bodyguards of this skyscraper have very good shooting techniques. Besides that, they also have modern weapons. Do not be discouraged, try to aim accurately to regain what is yours right away.

Shooting in Raft Wars 2

In Raft Wars 2, you still have to face many more opponents at each level. From the first levels, you will still have tennis guns. Do not be discouraged, use your mouse and accurately aim at the enemy to earn upgrade points for yourself. Although the enemies are many and have more weapons, you should show your skills to make the enemies scared. Let's fight to destroy everything and get the treasure back for both brothers. This was supposed to be a fierce and bloody battle, but the character drawings look so cute that all ages can still play. Please share and join your friends on this journey to find gold.