Raft Wars

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Intro Raft Wars

Coming to Raft Wars, you will be on a shooting journey with your brother Simon. Both will have to fight the pirates and protect their treasure.

The story of finding gold of both Simon brothers

During summer vacation, you and your brother Simon go on vacation to a deserted sea. The two swim and play all day long. When he was tired, his brother decided to rest and build a sand castle. While excavating sand and shaping, an unexpected thing happened. Lots of gold and treasures were found. Both were very surprised and happy when they found gold. But the happiness did not last long, this scene was seen by pirates and they planned to steal this gold.

Fight with the pirates

The pirates knew about the two brothers' gold mining. They planned to wait in the sea and wanted to kill two people to rob the treasure for themselves. This will be a battle between you and your brother with fierce evil pirates. In this dangerous situation, pick up your gun and shoot at them. Use all weapons to fight, and defeat the opponent. There will be tennis guns and many other weapons that will help you safely out of this danger.

Raft Wars Guide

First, choose the items to make weapons. Note in the early stages, you can only unlock the tennis gun because it's cheap. Then use the mouse to aim and shoot the bandits one by one. Aim accurately because every time you miss, the pirates will counterattack and you will probably die before them. It's hard when you have to protect property and protect the safety of two brothers. It's a bloody gunfight to be exact, but you'll see how cute their chubby green looks are. Even the fierce-looking pirates floating on the sea with you are also very clumsy when shooting in the wrong direction. So you try to hit and pass the screen as quickly as possible to unlock more modern weapons. Let's bring back enough gold with your brother and show off your battle achievements with your friends.