Raccoon Retail

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Garbage collection

You run a supermarket in Raccoon Retail. Customers are quite mischievous and always drop food so you need to drive to collect it and throw it in the trash.

You are a hard-working raccoon, you open a small supermarket to sell food for friends of the same kind. Do you sell chili, fruits, and vegetables? People come to Raccoon Retail to shop quite a lot. But there are still customers who love to vandalize. Maybe they don't come to buy food or they rummage around looking for fresh food so the food often falls on the floor. A raccoon that's both hardworking and clean like you can't let this happen. Let's start driving to collect these leftovers right away.

Control the garbage truck

The bear in Raccoon Retail has been sitting in the car since the beginning. Use the arrow keys to navigate the car anywhere. Cars go where there is food they will automatically suck back and you will get money. The car you control causing a collision can also cause food to fall out, be careful. Let's try to earn a lot of money and keep the environment clean for the supermarket.