Protect My Dog

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The fury of the bees

Protect My Dog is a game that saves your dog from poisonous bees. Your dog is about to be stung by a bee, how will you draw a protective ring for the dog?

This is an interesting game about a mischievous dog. Your pet dog has poked the hive and made them angry. The swarms of bees are all gathered together and they have extraordinary strength. They will push everything and burn until your dog is swollen. While the dog in Protect My Dog is quite stupid, he always stands still and is ready to be stung by bees. Can you let your dog endure such pain?

Creative protection of the dog

Protect My Dog can be played on both computers and phones, so you just need to use your finger or mouse and draw on the playing screen to create a protective line for the dog. You can be completely creative. For example, if the dog is hanging upside down, you can draw a hook to prevent the dog from falling. In this fight you need to protect the dog for 10 seconds from being stung by bees, you will win and pass the level. Newer levels you will have to think of ways to deal with more bees and protect more dogs at riverbanks for example.