Prison Escape: Stickman Story

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Introducing Prison Escape: Stickman Story

Prison Escape: Stickman Story tells the story of a stickman's prison escape. In every prison in the world he is incarcerated, help him choose ways to get out.

What is Prison Escape: Stickman Story?

If you love adventurous prison escapes, you can't help but know Arsène Lupin. This is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise. Our stickman is a fan of Arsène Lupin and identifies himself as the 19th Lupine. Prison Escape: Stickman Story is the stickman's journey to being locked up in prisons and escaping.

Prison escape story

Prison Escape: Stickman Story will have a lot of levels, which are each difficult puzzle for you to solve. His hobby is an adventure through prisons around the world. You don't want to live forever in prison, you have to find a way to get out. In the game, there will be many difficult situations that can happen. If you don't want to be locked up in prison forever, it takes skill and logical thinking.

Prison break process

Our stick man in Prison Escape: Stickman Story is like a dangerous criminal. Prisons and cells guard and control him very strictly. The guards, ferocious dogs, etc were all guarding him to prevent him from escaping. But that is nothing. He has a lot of skills and has you here. Each prison will have its own loophole to escape. Your task is to choose the correct skill for him to successfully escape. For example, when you see a crack in the wall, there are options that appear such as hitting the wall with a brick, using a head hit, or using a ninja arm. If you use bricks and use your head to break the wall, it will make noise and lose strength, so the guards will detect it. So the correct choice is to use the ninja's arm. Simply think for a moment and click on the right and appropriate options and you have successfully escaped from prison. The game has many levels as well as many interesting situations that surprise players.