Paper.io 2

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The World of Colors in Paper.io 2

In the Paper.io 2 world, you and your opponent will be a block of different colors. Players create for themselves a land of their color without any collision.

At the beginning of the game, you will be selected and enter your favorite name to distinguish between opponents. You will then be transported to a color playing field. Here each person will be a square block with a separate color. At the starting point, you will have a small round-colored land of your own color. Your task is to expand your land and be the one to defeat the opponents. Every time you lose, the system will automatically update the amount of time you play and the percentage of land you have captured in this vast multi-player field. You can't let yourself be weak, can you? Let's rely on your ability to break records and be the leader.

How to win in Paper.io 2

Create your own land

You just need to move the mouse and let the square form a closed circle, that's your land. You can freely go as far or create the shape of the land as you like. Note, the enemy's land has drawn you can also continue to draw more to create your own.

Eliminate opponents

In the game Paper.io 2, just accidentally touching the drawing line will loss. The special thing is that if you accidentally hit your opponent or hit yourself, you will also lose. So if you want to win, go to the side and lure your opponent into crashing into you. Your opponent will do the same to you, be careful.