Pacman 30th Anniversary

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Pacman 30th Anniversary takes you into the classic maze. You have to control Pacman to stop the ghosts chasing you all over the map is your duty.

One of the most famous and played arcade games in the world is Pac-Man. This is mainly due to the simple and engaging action of the game, as well as its simple design and affordable price. Originally merely a simple entertainment, this game has morphed over time into an important part of contemporary popular culture. The most recent update of this game has improved graphics as well as reworked sound design to give players a more satisfying gameplay experience. In addition, it features three other game types, each with their own set of achievements, allowing players to set new records and advance to higher levels.

Know some rules in the game

  • The first character is called Pinky (pink). Pinky follows Pacman's instructions, but she doesn't help him in any way.
  • The second feature is that Inky (light blue) has the ability to capture Pacman and call out all the ghost characters.
  • If Blinky (red), the character chasing Pacman, consumes a large amount of food, he will chase Pacman at an even higher speed, which can be dangerous for Pacman.
  • After that, Clyde, who is orange, will emerge from the container and approach Pacman. Clyde (orange) also has the ability to change course and undergo a scattering phase. The expression is worded slightly differently, but the concept is the same.

Game Tips

  • You can improve your score by eating the displayed fruits. Your score will improve very quickly thanks to them.
  • Put all the pieces together. The more blue dots gathered, the phantom will be temporarily disabled. Then you will have a chance to catch them and collect points. On the other hand, the time interval between deactivation and activation is quite short.
  • Keep in mind the weaknesses and quirks of each ghost, and do your best to avoid encountering them.
  • Only three lives left for you to use. Try to collect all the dots before you run out of resources.

How to play Pacman 30th Anniversary?

  • To guide Pac-Man through the maze, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD key on your keyboard.
  • Your goal in this maze is to consume all the dots while avoiding the ghosts. As you consume more dots, the ghosts will become more agile and hostile as they chase you.
  • Consuming power-ups scattered throughout the labyrinth will allow you to gain an advantage against the ghosts. You can get bonus points by chasing and eating ghosts, both of which are made possible by these power-ups.
  • If you want to get the highest score possible, you need to make sure you consume as many dots and ghosts as possible before being caught by one of them.