Neon Rocket

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Intro Neon Rocket

Welcome to a neon-lit universe in Neon Rocket. Here you will be able to test your ability to launch rockets from the launch pad and land safely.

Good news for those of you who love to explore the universe here. Neon Rocket is a brand new game for everyone to launch rockets into space. In the game, you will control the ship from the launch pad to fly up and land safely. As long as the ship does not crash and lands in the available position, you will pass the level. At each level, you will experience different rockets with different spaces. Each space has gold coins for you to collect. In each space, the objects are drawn with basic strokes and neon colors, so they create a striking feeling and attract all players. Challenge yourself in this new experience.

Launch a rocket into space

Control the rocket properly

To launch rockets, hold the mouse and move to the side or right. Depending on the direction of the destination, you need to adjust the flight direction accordingly. The arrow keys on the keyboard will help the rocket accelerate. Remember well.

The rule

The rule of the game Neon Rocket is that you must not let the rocket collide. If the missile flies and collides with walls or platforms, the missile will explode. How to land is also very important, if the rocket lands horizontally, it will also explode and you have to play again. You also need to collect gold coins on their way. You only pass the level when the rocket has fallen directly to the available target platform and there is no collision. Wish you play a lot of levels and launch lots of successful rockets.