Mr Speedy the Cat

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A cat with superpowers

A black cat in Mr Speedy the Cat has many special abilities. You can run fast without getting tired. Join the cat to jump over the roofs to join the adventure.

As you know cats can run through roofs very quickly. Their legs have the ability to grip very firmly and jump like a hero. With Mr Speedy the Cat, our cat hero is also very good. He has a black appearance and has many special skills such as hiding and running very fast. As such, night is always the right time to act. But unfortunately, the bad guys are chasing and want to catch our black cat hero. Based on your inherent skills, help the cat to escape.

How to play Mr Speedy the Cat

Right from the beginning of the game, you have been flying with the cat on the roofs. Please press Space to experience the feeling of jumping at such a height. If the distance between the roofs is too far, press twice. You will surely be surprised by the flexibility of this black cat. Although the cat needs to get through this night of chase, there's no stopping running. But still requires energy. Collect stars along the way to give the black cat hero more power. You will also receive countless rewards if you run a longer distance. This is a fun time-killing game, try it now.