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Battle in Microwars

Welcome to the battle of Microwars-battle of tiny armies. If you want to win, strategize to attack and control the number of enemies of different colors.

The special thing about participating in the microwave game is that this war will not smell like gunpowder or anything. This will not be a war by force. This is a war that requires your calculation. The empty gray circle boxes that appear on the main screen are the cells for you and your opponent to practice. Your blue and your opponent's red. Move and gather your army in such boxes to increase the number. The number of your troops is displayed right above for you to easily observe. They will increase day by day. Your opponent does the same. You need to destroy the opponent so that their army is less than yours then you will win.

How to kill an opponent

This mind Microwars game requires you to have quick calculations. You just need to use the mouse, drag and combine the cells of your army. Create a tile with a larger value, you will drag it to the opponent's cell and their army will also be yours. For example, you have two squares of 18, and 4 of your opponent's cells are 16. Quickly use the mouse to connect two cells with your army and drag them to the opponent's square. Yours has a greater value, so your opponent's tile will be occupied by you. Your opponent's red piece will become your own green piece and you will receive coins. Continue like this until the number of pieces of the side is larger, that side will win. Go ahead and cover this board with your red.