Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

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Background of Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

The chicken army has appeared and destroyed your castle in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. You are ready to fight, and merge weapons to protect your territory.

You and everyone are living very happily and happily together in a castle. Suddenly one day an army of chickens appeared. The gray-red chickens are very aggressive and are rushing toward you. They are determined to capture the castle. You cannot let that happen. You have to stand up and defend the wall and everyone. You need to destroy them not let them enter your territory. Play now Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense to fight like a hero right away.

Destroy the chicken army

How to destroy

To destroy the enemy, you must first have a weapon. Your first weapons are the cannons of the first level. If you want it to have stronger fighting power, just click and drag weapons of the same level together. For example, drag level 2 with level 2, you will be at level 3. Then adjust the position of the weapons above and straight with the rows with the most chicken armies approaching. You can increase the level of the towers by combining two towers of the same level to make the chicken army more difficult.

Weapon Upgrade

In addition to you merging your guns, you can buy more weapons at the store Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. Every time you kill a chicken soldier, you will have a bonus coin and will use that money to shop.