Memory Match Puzzle

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Rules of Memory Match Puzzle

It's time to do puzzle solving with Memory Match Puzzle. You will be looking at the cards one at a time then you need to flip the same cards to discard.

Coming to Memory Match Puzzle you will be playing on a screen full of cards with many shapes and colors. They deal with a lot of topics like fruits, wildlife, world flags, etc. You will be able to see them for the first time when you level up. That time is very short, about 2-3 seconds. You only have time to look at it briefly and must remember it carefully. Because then the cards will turn upside down and you need to find the same cards to remove them. You just need to use the mouse or use your finger to click on the cards you can remember. If two cards have the same picture, it will disappear. If you make all the cards disappear, you win. At each level, there will be a fixed time for you. But in each level, there will be each part one by one. In the early levels, you will only need to win 2 parts and you will pass the level with a few cards. Later on, the card and part number will increase. That is, you must pass the parts in each level according to the regulations of each level, then you can pass the level.

Why should children play Memory Match Puzzle?

This is a fun puzzle-thinking game that stimulates brain memory for children. Children will be trained in their memory ability and quick reflexes through each level of difficulty. Both observing and memorizing in a short period of time is a perfect training regimen. You also don't need to worry about children being pressured. The cards in the game will be just cute and colorful pictures that will keep children interested. This will be a place for your baby to discover more about the world around them. About fruits, animals or even flags, etc. Just playing to train the brain, providing more information for children, and making them relieve stress, you don't even want to play right away.