Marcus O'Snail

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Marcus got lost in the maze

Marcus is lost in the maze everyone calls Marcus O'Snail. This snail will have a lot of abilities and you need to help him use those abilities and get out.

About Marcus O'Snail

Marcus O'Snail is a multi-level game about the snail Marcus This snail is lost in a maze with many obstacles. Your destination will be the exit door with the word Exit. When you get there, you've completed the level. The game then shows the current level number, and level playing time and there are buttons to start the level again or go to the level select screen. After you've played a level for a while, a solution button will appear, allowing you to see instructions on how to pass the level.

Marcus O'Snail's Abilities

The special ability of this snail is that he can change the force of gravity and change the direction of the whole maze. That means you can walk on whatever surface you're standing on and change the direction of the walls. Of course on the way you go in the maze will have to face the platforms. There are cracked platforms, you will break through and fall into the deep pit. There are also platforms you need to smash to get through that can't be rotated, etc. This is definitely an interesting journey for you and your friends to experience.

Snail control

On the phone

  • Drag your finger left or right and hold it to move
  • Swipe up or down on the screen to rotate the maze direction

On the computer

  • Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move Marcus and rotate the maze
  • Press the R key to restart the level