Kaiten Sushi

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Chef's job

Become a chef to make delicious sushi with Kaiten Sushi. On the feed conveyor with fish, shrimp choose the correct button according to the shape to process.

Coming to Kaiten Sushi, you will become an elderly chef working in a sushi restaurant. With his skilled knife skills, he always makes delicious sushi pieces in a short amount of time. On the shrimp conveyor belt, the fish moves down very quickly. Your job will be to press the right button with the food to make sushi. Only 1 type of shrimp and 2 types of fish. You can distinguish them and become a chef who can cook a lot of sushi.

How to play Kaiten Sushi


There will be 3 buttons in the bottom corner of the screen under the feed carousel. There will be a shrimp button, a goldfish button, and a green fish button. Your task will be every time food is led from the conveyor belt, press the button corresponding to each type of food. If each press is correct, a plate of sushi has been prepared, then you will get points.

Things to note when playing the game

  • When shrimp appear, press the shrimp icon button, red fish press the gold fish button, and white fish press the green fish button.
  • You will have 3 lives, corresponding to you only 2 wrong button presses. By the third time, you will lose the game.
  • When the plate of food is about to move to the chef, click quickly, if it has passed it is not successful.
  • The chain will produce more and more food continuously and it is endless.